Taylor's pink amulet is a family heirloom and it is a bit similar to Sofia's amulet and her sister's amulets, but it is pink with three swirls on top and three hot pink sapphires on top. When she was a little girl. her mother, Elsa Lane, gave Taylor the amulet and to her sister to protect her and the girls them harm and she told her daughter never to take it off as the same as her sisters.

Abilities Edit

Taylor's amulet has already given her the powers

  • Animal Communication: When Taylor was a little girl, her amulet has given the power to talk to animals. She gained this ability when she helped a baby chipmunk reunite to its mother and gave it a nut for a treat. This is Taylor's most ability, when she is helping with her animal friends.
  • Mermaid Transformation: The second power her amulet has given Taylor the ability to transform into a mermaid when she helped a mermaid out of the net. Taylor can use this whenever she puts her bare feet in a body of water and she stops using it after she pulls herself completely out of the water. Sometimes when she drives into the water she doesn't turn into a mermaid as well. This has not happen in the movie.
  • Shrinking Ability: The third power that Taylor's amulet has given to shrink her a fairy size and an animal size and back. Taylor also finds she can use the power to shrink as small as she likes.
  • Animal Transformation: Taylor unlocks the power  turn into any animal she sees and wishes to be.
  • Flying Ability: The fourth power the amulet gives her the power to fly any place that she wants or wants to go.
  • Magic Hands Ability: Taylor also unlocks the power to use the magic pink dragon flames out of her hands when she is fighting or when she is helping.